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Family rings also known as crest rings are often given as gifts for an eighteenth or twenty first birthday. Traditionally these are seal rings and will be hand engraved in reverse, so that when they are used as a seal with wax they come out the right way around. All our rings will come with a wax proof of the design. We also make cufflinks, and an interesting feature is to make one side for use as a seal, i.e. in reverse, and the other side as a seal for sight, i.e., the right way around.


We usually make our family rings in 18ct gold but will if requested work in 9ct gold or platinum. We have two sizes, one for ladies and one for gents, both oval in shape. Ladies size is 12.5x11 millimetres and weighs approximately 10.5 grams. Gents size is 15x13 millimetres and weighs approximately 14.4 grams. Price on application and subject to gold fluctuation. If you are not familiar with your family's crest, information can be found at the College of Arms ( Indeed they can create a crest for you if you do not have one already.

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